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4th AKT Memorial Vidya Saaket State Level Chess Tournament-2017 Under 18

Last update 08.10.2017 12:19:47, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Starting rank

1Tamizhanban N46688714IND1438Villupuram
2Baraneedharan SIND1154Villupuram
3Divin S VIND1152Kanyakumari
4Abdul Rahman CIND0Villupuram
5Abishek AIND0Villupuram
6Afrin NIND0Villupuram
7Akash RIND0Villupuram
8Alexander PIND0Villupuram
9Anusha RIND0Villupuram
10Aravindan MIND0Villupuram
11Ashieck AIND0Villupuram
12Ashraf Raheem G MIND0Villupuram
13Ayswarya KIND0Villupuram
14Balajie A PIND0Villupuram
15Balaji Kannan BIND0Villupuram
16Balamurugan PIND0Cuddalore
17Bavya Sri PIND0Villupuram
18Boomika RIND0Villupuram
19Bhuvaneshwari MIND0Villupuram
20Blesson EdwardIND0Villupuram
21Buddha Mithiran PIND0Villupuram
22Charumathi E SIND0Villupuram
24Denishaa BIND0Villupuram
25Dhinesh Kumar AIND0Villupuram
26Dhivya AIND0Villupuram
27Dinesh Kumar DIND0Villupuram
28Gayathri KIND0Villupuram
29Ghazala GIND0Villupuram
30Gloria Mary JIND0Villupuram
31Gokul adarsh SIND0Villupuram
32Harish JIND0Villupuram
33Harish SIND0Villupuram
34Janakrisha BIND0Villupuram
35Jasper Franklin MIND0Villupuram
36Jaya Suriya K GIND0Villupuram
37Jayasri SIND0Villupuram
38Kalai Priyan MIND0Villupuram
39Kalai Selvan SIND0Villupuram
40Kathiravan MIND0Villupuram
41Kathiravan TIND0Villupuram
42Kaviya PIND0Villupuram
43Keshavan TIND0Villupuram
44Krishikesan B VIND0Villupuram
45Krishna Kumar LIND0Villupuram
46Krishnakanth C KIND0Villupuram
47Lokesh VIND0Villupuram
48Manibalan V25724380IND0Pudukkotai
49Manikandan SIND0Cuddalore
50Mohammed Aashik SIND0Villupuram
51Mohammed AshifIND0Villupuram
52Muhamed NabeelIND0Villupuram
53Naveen PIND0Villupuram
54Nishanth CIND0Villupuram
55Nishanth GIND0Salem
56Nithish RIND0Villupuram
57Parvez AIND0Villupuram
58Raveen VIND0Villupuram
59Santhosh Kumar AIND0Villupuram
60Shanmuganatha A MIND0Villupuram
61Sneka PIND0Villupuram
62Srikanth VIND0Villupuram
63Suriya SIND0Villupuram
64Sutharsan SIND0Villupuram
65Syed Althaf IIND0Villupuram
66Syed Mohammed Aslam TIND0Villupuram
67Udhayabharathi IIND0Villupuram
68Vishnu Adithya VIND0Villupuram
69Yogesh Priyanka SIND0Villupuram
70Yuvasri RIND0Villupuram