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4th AKT Memorial Vidya Saaket State Level Chess Tournament-2017 Under 16

Last update 08.10.2017 12:19:35, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Starting rank

1Raghul Saro S45043647IND1433TVMalai
2Saravana kumar SIND1177Villupuram
3Asif A25676962IND1127Cuddalore
4Thulasi Rajan25688642IND1126TVMalai
5Nanmalar A45043582IND1102Villupuram
6Ajith Kumar VIND0Villupuram
7Ananthi RIND0Villupuram
8Aravinth RIND0Villupuram
9Ariharavelava KIND0Villupuram
10Ashwath PIND0Villupuram
11Barath E L AIND0Villupuram
12Barath Raj GIND0Cuddalore
13Dharshan MIND0Villupuram
14Govarthanan MIND0Villupuram
15Gunalakshmi TIND0Villupuram
16Indira Priyadharshini S25732943IND0Villupuram
17Jonesh Dayanthi I RIND0Villupuram
18Keerthi Muthu AIND0Villupuram
19Kuganesh MSIND0Villupuram
20Mohammed Aslam SIND0Villupuram
21Mohandhass VIND0Villupuram
22Nikesh Kanna RIND0Villupuram
23Pooja RIND0Villupuram
24Prithiv Raj SIND0Villupuram
25Ragupathi PIND0Villupuram
26Rakshatha S A25709755IND0Salem
27Raman Kishore DIND0Villupuram
28Sakthi MuruganIND0Villupuram
29Sanjana RIND0Villupuram
30Santhosh SIND0Villupuram
31Sarath Kumar DIND0Villupuram
32Sathish kumar BIND0Villupuram
33Seshathri EIND0Villupuram
34Sheldon SIND0Villupuram
35Sri Hariharan SIND0Cuddalore
36Surya Prakash SIND0Villupuram
37Thayananthan R AIND0Villupuram
38Thiruvasagan R SIND0Villupuram
39Ulaganathan RIND0Villupuram
40Vasanth M GIND0Villupuram