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4th AKT Memorial Vidya Saaket State Level Chess Tournament-2017 Under 14

Last update 08.10.2017 12:19:19, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Starting rank

1Thiyagarajan Tamilselvi45043906IND1632TVMalai
2Suthesan V J25678132IND1318TVMalai
3Surya Thangavel46677364IND1272Villupuram
4Rakesh Varsan S45073970IND1218Salem
5Ramya Sri AIND1161Villupuram
6Harini Shanmugavel25671880IND1099Neyveli
7Sri Surya Bharathi S25724169IND1084Villupuram
8Poonguzhali NIND1048Villupuram
9Sanjay Kumar Senthil Raja46677224IND1046Villupuram
10Aakash BIND0Villupuram
11Adhiyaman AIND0Villupuram
12Ashwin Kumar NIND0Villupuram
13Balasubramaniyan NIND0Villupuram
14Barani Kumaran BIND0Villupuram
15Dhanush GIND0Cuddalore
16Dharani PIND0Villupuram
17Dharani T MIND0Villupuram
18Dharun Kumar AIND0Villupuram
19Eashak AIND0Villupuram
20Ezhil Prasath SIND0Villupuram
21Gayathri SIND0Villupuram
22Giriventhan TIND0Villupuram
23Gnana PrakashIND0TVMalai
24Hanish PIND0Villupuram
25Hanan S MIND0Villupuram
26Hariharan P SIND0Villupuram
27Hariharan DIND0Villupuram
28Hariharan GIND0Villupuram
29Harson MIND0Villupuram
30Hema SIND0Villupuram
31Hithesh Kumar SIND0Villupuram
32Jai Ganesh BIND0Villupuram
33Janani AIND0Villupuram
34Jayasurya RIND0Villupuram
35Jeeva TIND0Ariyalur
36Jeevan SIND0Villupuram
37Kavin SubramaniIND0Villupuram
38Komalatha GIND0Villupuram
39Kumaran BIND0Villupuram
40Livinesh Raj M DIND0Villupuram
41Mahendra KumarIND0Villupuram
42Mohamed Fazil SIND0Villupuram
43Mukesh SIND0Villupuram
44Praveen Kumar HIND0Villupuram
45Premnath SIND0Ariyalur
46Raihan GIND0Villupuram
47Rajkamal RIND0Villupuram
48Rakesh RIND0Villupuram
49Ramanan SIND0Villupuram
50Ramprathap VIND0Villupuram
51Ranga oli MIND0Villupuram
52Rangarajan RIND0Villupuram
53Sai Harish V CIND0Villupuram
54Santhosh Kumar SIND0Villupuram
55Santhosh Raj SIND0Villupuram
56Shafaathullah AIND0Villupuram
57Sharan RIND0Villupuram
58Suriya SIND0Villupuram
59Tamilmaran VIND0Villupuram
60Thamilselvan BIND0Villupuram
61Varna G SIND0Villupuram
62Varunesh S J25724207IND0Villupuram
63Vishnu Charan VIND0Villupuram
64Vishwa EashwarIND0Villupuram
65Viswanatha PrasanthIND0Ariyalur
66Viswanathan JIND0Villupuram