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4th AKT Memorial Vidya Saaket State Level Chess Tournament-2017 Under 12

Last update 08.10.2017 12:19:03, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Starting rank

1Raghavendra V45085005IND1386Trichy
2Adithya Ramesh R45070946IND1377TVMalai
3Bharanidharan N45028508IND1324Villupuram
4Niranjana P R35082337IND1224Neyveli
5Krishna Prasath S45092958IND1123Trichy
6Pravina DIND1121Villupuram
7Jeevan Kumar S25642111IND1110Villupuram
8Devin S VIND1089KanyaKumari
9Sukadev S25760670IND1073TVMalai
10Swarnika S25732749IND1068Salem
11Aakash Raj P VIND0Villupuram
12Aditya Venugopal MIND0Villupuram
13Ajay MIND0Villupuram
14Akshaya T VIND0Villupuram
15Anand V SIND0Villupuram
16Anas Abdul huk UIND0Villupuram
17Aravind AIND0Villupuram
18Ashvitha KIND0Villupuram
19Athish MIND0Villupuram
20Babu RIND0Villupuram
21Balamurugan TIND0TVMalai
22Bharath SIND0Villupuram
23Chandru PIND0Villupuram
24Deepak AIND0Villupuram
25Denzil AIND0Salem
27Dezil PorusIND0Villupuram
28Dhaneesh Bala J AIND0Villupuram
30Dharanikha VIND0Villupuram
31Dharshana G SIND0Salem
32Dheshanth AIND0Villupuram
33Gabriel AIND0Villupuram
34Girivishnu K VIND0Salem
36Harsha Vardhan A TIND0Villupuram
37Hindhu MavathiIND0Villupuram
38Ilakkiya Sree M HIND0Villupuram
39Jaifun JIND0Villupuram
40Jawahar Prasanna RIND0Villupuram
41Jayenthan VIND0Villupuram
42Jeeva BIND0Villupuram
43Jegan PIND0Villupuram
44Kalaipriyan KIND0Villupuram
45Kanishva Raj RIND0Villupuram
46Kaniskka M SIND0Salem
47Kaushik Kumar MIND0Cuddalore
48Kavi Bharathi D RIND0Villupuram
49Keerthivasan SIND0Cuddalore
50Kivin Prasana RIND0Villupuram
51Lalithadhitya RIND0Villupuram
52Manishwar MIND0Villupuram
53Mathialzgan GIND0Villupuram
54Mithran SIND0Villupuram
55Mohammed Abrarali AIND0Villupuram
56Mohana PrasathIND0Villupuram
57Mugesh kumarIND0Villupuram
58Mukesh SIND0Villupuram
59Mukesh S(2004)IND0Villupuram
60Nafeeza Firdhos JIND0Villupuram
61Nallendra Raj R VIND0Villupuram
62Neola Jose JIND0Villupuram
63Nithillakrishi P YIND0Villupuram
64Nithin SIND0Villupuram
65Nithish PIND0Villupuram
66Nithishwar MIND0Villupuram
67Ponnivalavan GIND0Villupuram
68Pranav G SIND0Villupuram
70Ragavan AIND0Villupuram
71Ragupriyan PIND0Villupuram
72Raji RIND0Villupuram
73Revathi KIND0Cuddalore
74Rishikesan TIND0Cuddalore
75Roshini RIND0Villupuram
76Ruqayya AIND0Villupuram
77Sabarish MIND0Villupuram
78Sai Prashanth TIND0TVMalai
79Samhitha SIND0Villupuram
80Sandeep U KIND0Villupuram
81Sanjai RIND0Villupuram
82Sanjay VIND0Villupuram
83Sankaran SIND0Villupuram
84Sasi Kumar SIND0Villupuram
85Senthamizh MIND0Villupuram
86Shadurya T SIND0Villupuram
87Shanmuga PriyaIND0Cuddalore
88Sharma Ganapathi A KIND0Villupuram
89Shihar Nandhan R SIND0Villupuram
90Srinath KIND0Villupuram
91Sumanchandra Bose S KIND0Villupuram
92Surya SIND0Villupuram
93Thamizh Amudhan A GIND0Salem
94Thanarangan SIND0Cuddalore
95Thanvanth R SIND0Villupuram
97Udhaya Priyan R SIND0Villupuram
98Vencina RIND0Villupuram
99Vibin Ragav SIND0Villupuram
100Vishnu KumarIND0Villupuram
101Vishnu Priya JIND0Villupuram
102Vishwa A SIND0Villupuram
103Yogapriyan EIND0Namakkal
104Yogeshwaran KIND0Villupuram
105Yuvaneshwaran C25701711IND0Villupuram