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4th AKT Memorial Vidya Saaket State Level Chess Tournament-2017 Under 10

Last update 08.10.2017 12:18:41, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Starting rank

1Jayaragavan AIND1011Villupuram
2Aadhithya SVIND0Absent
3Abdul AleemIND0Villupuram
4Abishek RIND0Villupuram
5Abirami JIND0Villupuram
6Abishek TIND0Villupuram
7Agneeswaran SIND0TVMalai
8Aiyeshvarya GIND0Villupuram
9Alstan SIND0Villupuram
10Aniruth Tamizhselvan SIND0Villupuram
11Antony Joseph VIND0Villupuram
12Anuwin V SIND0Salem
13Arul Amuthan M DIND0Villupuram
14Ashvath AMIND0Villupuram
15Balaji SIND0Villupuram
16Barath SIND0Villupuram
17Barathraj BIND0Villupuram
18Bhavani AIND0Villupuram
19Boopathi PIND0Villupuram
20Deepan RajIND0Absent
21Dhananjeyan T SIND0Villupuram
22Dharshia VIND0Villupuram
23Dinesh M KIND0Villupuram
24Diofus Mishael Solomon VIND0Villupuram
25Elakkiya BIND0Villupuram
26Elamathi EIND0Villupuram
27Elanchezhiyan SIND0Villupuram
28Enban KIND0TVMalai
29Eniyan KIND0TVMalai
30Ganeshwaran S AIND0Absent
31Giritharan SIND0Villupuram
32Gloree JIND0Villupuram
33Gobinath EIND0Villupuram
34Gokul Anand MIND0Salem
35Gowtham EIND0Villupuram
36Guru Prasad MIND0Villupuram
37Harshith MIND0TVMalai
38Hasini GIND0Villupuram
39Hema Bala R CIND0Villupuram
40Jagadeeshwaran PIND0Absent
41Jayapradhas JIND0Salem
42Johnson UIND0Villupuram
43Kaaviya PIND0Villupuram
44Kavin Pandian JIND0Villupuram
46Keerthana SIND0Villupuram
47Kesavan VIND0Villupuram
48Kishore RaagavIND0Namakkal
49Kishore S PIND0Villupuram
50Krishna RajanIND0Villupuram
51Manisha SIND0Villupuram
52Manodharshan SIND0Villupuram
53Mehanth Krishna BIND0Villupuram
54Mitharan KIND0Villupuram
55Mithun KumarIND0Villupuram
56Mohana Varshini PIND0Villupuram
57Monish AIND0Villupuram
58Mugeshraj AIND0Villupuram
59Mukilvarman VIND0Villupuram
60Muthamilselvi TIND0Salem
61Naren Karthikeyan VIND0Villupuram
62Nikkil Varshan R KIND0Villupuram
63Nirmalasri BIND0Villupuram
64Nishanth GIND0Villupuram
65Nishanth GIND0Salem
66Nitheesh SIND0Villupuram
67Nithishnath KIND0TVMalai
69Pranav Reddy SIND0Villupuram
70Praneesh SIND0Salem
71Priyadharshan PIND0Villupuram
72Ragavan AIND0Villupuram
73Ragavan KIND0Villupuram
74Rakshiatha S AIND0Absent
75Rochak Sanjeev R KIND0Villupuram
76Romila VIND0Villupuram
77Rubin SIND0Villupuram
78Sabari SIND0Villupuram
79Sai Harish V CIND0Absent
80Sai Prasad SIND0Villupuram
81Sai priyanithi KIND0Villupuram
82Sandeep SudharshanIND0TVMalai
83Sandeep Sundar AIND0Absent
84Sanjay Kumar VIND0Cuddalore
85Sanjay Ram AIND0Villupuram
86Sanjay RiyanthIND0Villupuram
87Sanmugapriyan MIND0Villupuram
88Sarathi BIND0Ariyalur
89Sarathi MIND0Villupuram
90Semmozhidhasan AIND0Villupuram
91Shamruthi Sarav SIND0TVMalai
92Sharan Chandar AIND0Villupuram
93Sheik Navaas JIND0Villupuram
94Shruthi E UIND0Villupuram
95Siva ThirukumaranIND0Villupuram
96Sivani AIND0Villupuram
97Sivani SIND0Villupuram
98Sudharsan Raj SIND0Cuddalore
99Swetha RIND0Villupuram
100Tarun Kumar M HIND0Villupuram
101Thanush BIND0Salem
102Tharanesh SIND0Villupuram
103Udhaya Prakash KIND0Villupuram
104Vaishnavi BIND0Cuddalore
105Varun Chanakya RIND0Villupuram
106Vasanth V S AIND0Villupuram
107Vetrivel VIND0Cuddalore
108Vignesh SIND0Villupuram
109Vishal S MIND0TVMalai
110Vishwathulasi VIND0Villupuram
111Viswesh S JIND0Absent
112Wahitha SIND0Villupuram
113Yashwanth Bharathi MIND0Villupuram
114Yoageshwaran KIND0Villupuram