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First Friday IM Oct17

Last update 11.10.2017 08:15:56, Creator/Last Upload: Johor Chess Association


Round 1 on 2017/10/07 at 9am
112181Lokesh N.1 - 0Sekar B226010
222318IMMas Hafizulhelmi½ - ½IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun23449
332309FMSivakumar Ashvin1 - 0IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar23018
442172FMSubramaniam Sumant0 - 1IMLioe Dede23567
552323CMGukesh D½ - ½Kumar Gaurav22746
Round 2 on 2017/10/07 at 4pm
1102260Sekar B½ - ½Kumar Gaurav22746
272356IMLioe Dede0 - 1CMGukesh D23235
382301IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar½ - ½FMSubramaniam Sumant21724
492344IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun1 - 0FMSivakumar Ashvin23093
512181Lokesh N.½ - ½IMMas Hafizulhelmi23182
Round 3 on 2017/10/08 at 9am
122318IMMas Hafizulhelmi1 - 0Sekar B226010
232309FMSivakumar Ashvin0 - 1Lokesh N.21811
342172FMSubramaniam Sumant½ - ½IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun23449
452323CMGukesh D1 - 0IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar23018
562274Kumar Gaurav1 - 0IMLioe Dede23567
Round 4 on 2017/10/08 at 4pm
1102260Sekar B½ - ½IMLioe Dede23567
282301IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar½ - ½Kumar Gaurav22746
392344IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun½ - ½CMGukesh D23235
412181Lokesh N.1 - 0FMSubramaniam Sumant21724
522318IMMas Hafizulhelmi½ - ½FMSivakumar Ashvin23093
Round 5 on 2017/10/09 at 9am
132309FMSivakumar Ashvin0 - 1Sekar B226010
242172FMSubramaniam Sumant1 - 0IMMas Hafizulhelmi23182
352323CMGukesh D1 - 0Lokesh N.21811
462274Kumar Gaurav1 - 0IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun23449
572356IMLioe Dede1 - 0IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar23018
Round 6 on 2017/10/09 at 4pm
1102260Sekar B1 - 0IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar23018
292344IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun½ - ½IMLioe Dede23567
312181Lokesh N.½ - ½Kumar Gaurav22746
422318IMMas Hafizulhelmi½ - ½CMGukesh D23235
532309FMSivakumar Ashvin1 - 0FMSubramaniam Sumant21724
Round 7 on 2017/10/10 at 9am
142172FMSubramaniam Sumant0 - 1Sekar B226010
252323CMGukesh D1 - 0FMSivakumar Ashvin23093
362274Kumar Gaurav½ - ½IMMas Hafizulhelmi23182
472356IMLioe Dede1 - 0Lokesh N.21811
582301IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar½ - ½IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun23449
Round 8 on 2017/10/10 at 4pm
1102260Sekar B½ - ½IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun23449
212181Lokesh N.1 - 0IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar23018
322318IMMas Hafizulhelmi½ - ½IMLioe Dede23567
432309FMSivakumar Ashvin½ - ½Kumar Gaurav22746
542172FMSubramaniam Sumant½ - ½CMGukesh D23235
Round 9 on 2017/10/11 at 9am
152323CMGukesh D1 - 0Sekar B226010
262274Kumar Gaurav½ - ½FMSubramaniam Sumant21724
372356IMLioe Dede0 - 1FMSivakumar Ashvin23093
482301IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar½ - ½IMMas Hafizulhelmi23182
592344IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun1 - 0Lokesh N.21811
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