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25th Shell National Youth Active Chess Champiomships FINALS - Kiddies

Darrera actualització16.10.2017 04:31:47, Creador/Darrera càrrega: philippines chess federation

Rànquing inicial

1REYES Chester Neil05225400PHI1732
2CONCIO Michael Jr.05217873PHI1628
3BACOJO Mark Jay05220394PHI1571
4VELARDE Jerish John05217881PHI1568
5DELA CRUZ Daren05220424PHI1321
6MAGBANUA Wesley Jovan94235229570PHI2040
7FRANCISCO Cyrus Vladimir05223423PHI2003
8ANCHETA David Rey8985229529PHI1975
9ABRIS Cedric Kahliel05220459PHI1937
10ALONZO Roilanne Marie05224314PHI1919
11ARIAS Charliemagne12565229537PHI1901
12ATOG Cyrhea Ruth14345229545PHI1861
13VOSOTROS Edelyn162765229588PHI1814
14CAGANG Jeraian31745229553PHI1787
15CANINO Rhea Jane05217946PHI1768
16DELA RAMA Joseph Alexis05229561PHI1754