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25th Shell National Youth Active Chess Champiomships FINALS - Juniors

Darrera actualització16.10.2017 04:32:00, Creador/Darrera càrrega: philippines chess federation

Rànquing inicial

1FMPANGILINAN Stephen Rome05211140PHI1915
2MAGPILY Francois Marie05216257PHI1836
3ERESE James Michael05228794PHI1827
4WCMMORDIDO Kylen Joy05219086PHI1802
5GONZALES Julius05208998PHI1744
6PONDOYO Chris Aldritz05222133PHI1718
7CANINO Ronald05213371PHI1714
8QUIZON Daniel05217911PHI1676
9TAN Mary Joy05217970PHI1523
10TELESFORO Cyril Felrod151505229472PHI2089
11CARESOSA Japeth Aaron05224276PHI2076
12YNGAYO Irish05211751PHI2069
13YULO Adrian Othniel05222141PHI2050
14PLACENCIA Kurt John05212006PHI2018
15ANCHETA Carl Jaedrianne8955229464PHI2002
16GONZALES Alphecca05216265PHI1996