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Turniri ətraflı göstər

25th Shell National Youth Active Chess Champiomships FINALS - Seniors

Son yükləmə16.10.2017 04:32:09, Yaradan/Son yükləmə: philippines chess federation

Başlanğıc sıralama

1JOTA Jonathan5220475PHI2227
2MORADO Jeth Romy5211131PHI2126
3CURIOSO Romulo5208122PHI2016
4BERNARDO Darry5219035PHI1969
5BERNARDO Dale5219906PHI1916
6AZOTE Ahmad Ali5219140PHI1820
7CANAPE Ynna Sophia5212480PHI1799
8VICENTE Venice5218420PHI1763
9TABUDLONG Zsuzsa Grace A.5218993PHI1649
10PASON Allan5212367PHI2176
11ESPLANADA Jethro5222184PHI2146
12ASUNCION Gino angelo5229499PHI2141
13JORGIO Andre Miguel5229510PHI2036
14YNGAYO Dhona5211735PHI1984
15ACIERTO Emmanuel5229480PHI1925
16CATULAY Jinky5229502PHI1849