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Torneio de Xadrez Rapido Caíssa 2a. Etapa Circuito Fesmax

Última Actualização08.10.2017 07:41:48, Creator/Last Upload: caissa eventos

Ranking inicial

Nº.NomeID FIDEFEDEloClube/Cidade
1De Faria Jose Nogueira500387BRA2041Campo Grande/Ms
2De Souza Robson Luiz500026BRA2020Corumba/Ms
3Fedrizzi Roberto Senatore500019BRA1996Campo Grande/Ms
4Duailibi Ricardo Miguel500005BRA1980Campo Grande/Ms
5Gazineu Neto Rubens500020BRA1964Campo Grande/Ms
6De Moura Fernando Alves500331BRA1910Campo Grande/Ms
7Cunha Hudson Nogueira500322BRA1868Campo Grande/Ms
8Akamine Carlos Alberto500444BRA1855Campo Grande/Ms
9Dantas Leandro Henrique Varres500015BRA1843Campo Grande/Ms
10Albuquerque Eliseu Willians Kr500457BRA1817Campo Grande/Ms
11Almeida Jairo Roberto Medeiros de500426BRA1815Campo Grande/Ms
12Jabour Rodrigo Vila500417BRA1805Campo Grande/Ms
13De Souza Angelo Mendonca500001BRA1791Campo Grande/Ms
14Rosse Dayane Ernestine500423BRA1761Campo Grande/Ms
15Alves Wesley Presley Monteiro500663BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
16De Souza Pablo Domingos500664BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
17De Souza Paulo Jose500564BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
18Fernandes Ceveriano500587BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
19Lopes Anthony Gomes500665BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
20Martinez Bianca de Oliveira500666BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
21Oshiro Edson Hidenobu500385BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
22Ribeiro Brayan Cristian Franco500667BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
23Ribeiro Diogo Henrique Franco500668BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
24Dos Santos Raycan500669BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
25Sanways Luiz Alberto500441BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
26Tamaciro Kaue de Carvalho S500411BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
27Young Laertes500670BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms