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Torneo AAS Clase A

Last update 18.10.2017 02:27:50, Creator: cmoscoso,Last Upload: wilfredo paulino

Starting rank list of players

1Feliz Dotel Dewar Bienvenido6402801DOM2150
3Jorge Alberto6402860DOM2123
2Moscoso Silva Carlos Antonio6400370DOM2092
8Arias William Alfredo6400655DOM2069
10Rodriguez Pena Carlos Moises6409512DOM1971
7WCMAlmanzar Vasquez Jennifer Mar6406505DOM1934
6Gonzalez Alejo Wily Gilberto6405347DOM1925
5Rodriguez Torres Carlos6405444DOM1895
11Mercado Ruddy6407935DOM1798
4Abreu Rodriguez Juan Luis6402712DOM1775
9Marrero Garcia Lendry Ismael6415768DOM1762