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Last update 07.10.2017 12:12:44, Creator/Last Upload: ramongarcia

Starting rank

1Gregori G CarlesESP50Sta Anna
2Arnal FerranESP0Luis Vives
3Barrull G NereaESP0Sta Anna
4Bertomeu S CarmenESP0Sta Anna
5Bertomeu Santamarta MiguelESP0Gregori Mayans
6Cabrera G MiguelESP0Sta Anna
7Catala PereESP0Alfadoli
8Chumillas E EvaESP0Sta Anna
9De La Cruz Faus OscarESP0CAO
10Fernandez H Juan ManuelESP0Sta Anna
11Gambys GabrieliusESP0San Jose de la Montaña
12Garcia FerranESP0Verge dels Desamparats
13Garcia E ManuelESP0Sta Anna
14Gonalez E IzanESP0Sta Anna
15Gonzalez G LoliESP0Sta Anna
16Gregori MarcESP0H.Palau
17Jover IkerESP0H.Palau
18Laaziri AdamESP0H.Palau
19Lazaro EzequielESP0Sta Anna
20Lee NathanESP0Gregori Mayans
21Lorca Reig SarayESP0Sta Anna
22Mandon G CristianESP0Sta Anna
23Marin A AntonioESP0Sta Anna
24Marrades XaviESP0H.Palau
25Martin Cortes AntonioESP0Gregori Mayans
26Miñana S GuillemESP0Sta Anna
27Miñana Sastre JoanESP0Gregori Mayans
28Molina H GabrielESP0Sta Anna
29Moll B AlbertoESP0Sta Anna
30Moran Sendra GorkaESP0San Jose de la Montaña
31Morell Muñoz Josep AntoniESP0San Jose de la Montaña
32Moreno G IsidroESP0Sta Anna
33Moreno Gonzalez LuisESP0El Rebollet
34Navas R RaulESP0Sta Anna
35Parra Morant AxelESP0San Jose de la Montaña
36Puscas AlexESP0Sta Anna
37Ramos M PoliESP0Sta Anna
38Reinikovaite VolteESP0Sta Anna
39Sebastian Galfi TinoESP0Luis Vives
40Sendra Soler IzanESP0San Jose de la Montaña
41Senkovs DennisESP0Sta Anna
42Ramos AngelESP0Sta Anna
43Vilches XaviESP0H.Palau
44Navarro JoseviESP0Sta Anna
45Roger ArnauESP0Sta Anna