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Panchenko Memorial 2017 GM

Last update 15.10.2017 12:09:28, Creator/Last Upload: t.shumyakina_chelyabinsk chess school

Starting rank list of players

4GMKorneev Oleg4156803ESP2557
7GMSivuk Vitaly14116502UKR2545
2GMSimantsev Mikhail14104555UKR2492
1GMBezgodov Alexei4105257RUS2482
6IMGutenev Alexander4195540RUS2474
9GMBaburin Alexander2500914IRL2463
8IMShinkevich Vitaly4122690RUS2454
5GMTosic Miroslav900460SRB2447
3GMNaumkin Igor4101715RUS2446
10Drygalov Andrey24171735RUS2430