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FCPL October 6 Blitz Tournament

Last update 08.10.2017 20:13:59, Creator/Last Upload: jobannie

The best player per board: according Points

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
Rk.NameRtgTeamPts.% TB1  TB2 Games
1Mortel Marlon2239Spassky6,592,90,56,07
2Pabalan Rocky2090Spassky6,592,90,56,07
3Andal Edmond Bless1913Fischer6,085,70,06,07
4Portuguese Bret Michael1913Steinitz5,578,60,05,07
5Baltazar Danny2122Steinitz5,071,40,05,07
6AGMCagatin Hermie1935Lasker5,071,40,05,07
7Matutina Mark1966Lasker5,071,40,05,07
8San Juan Dennis2068Fischer5,071,40,05,07
9Alterado Frank1775Lasker5,071,40,05,07
10Abo Jumar1992Kramnik5,071,40,05,07
11Revillosa Edgie1981Lasker5,071,40,05,07
12Dimarucut Francis Erwin2057Steinitz5,071,40,05,07
13Abucejo Armel2056Carlsen4,575,00,04,06
14Mabatid Allan C1779_4,564,30,04,07
15Fasil M2039_4,564,30,04,07
16Piscos Archer1760Spassky4,564,30,04,07
17Dolor Larry1696Carlsen4,564,30,04,07
18Caliyon Edwin Ferrer1689Fischer4,066,70,04,06
19Tiberio Josefino1732_4,066,70,03,06
20Arzobal Jerome1842_4,057,10,04,07