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FCPL October 6 Blitz Tournament

Last update 08.10.2017 20:13:59, Creator/Last Upload: jobannie

not paired

2Abundo, Casto2175PHI******
66Ashwin, S0IND******
42Caliyon, Edwin Ferrer1689PHIbye
53Diacamos, Dilanie1510PHI******
67Gosavi, Aryan0IND******
68Hameed, Shahul0INDbye
71Muhammed, Shihabuddin0IND******
72Rajehkumr, Kirubashankar0IND*****
36Ramadan, Ashraf Ahmed1716EGY******
58Sithaardan, Manohoran1328IND**
74Smith, Justin0ENGbye
33Sulaiman, Omer1747NZL******
75Sureshbabu , Divyasree0IND******
76Sureshbabu, Harishri0INDbye
44Taguba, Gerald1679PHI******