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World Girls under 20 Championship 2017 (150310)

Last update 25.11.2017 15:10:01, Creator/Last Upload: josue amaya

Player overview for POR

142Valente Joao Nuno Baptista1897POR00001½½001½3,514020-4,80Open Section
73WCMSilva Mariana Sofia T.1883POR001101001½04,5672023,60Girl Section

Results of the last round for POR

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
1169130Lindholm JereFIN20643 ½ - ½3 Valente Joao Nuno BaptistaPOR1897142
113046WFMHincu OlgaMDA2118 1 - 0 WCMSilva Mariana Sofia T.POR188373

Player details for POR

Valente Joao Nuno Baptista 1897 POR Rp:1892 Pts. 3,5
169IMPercivaldi Martin2388DEN5,5w 00,08-0,0820-1,60
2103FMTahay Alexis2285FRA4,5s 00,09-0,0920-1,80
3117Li Henry2168IRL3,5w 00,17-0,1720-3,40
4131WFMTarini Goyal2062IND4,0s 00,28-0,2820-5,60
5148Araya Pozo Francisco Javier1416CHI3,0s 10,920,08201,60
6122Schweighoffer Martin2123SUI4,5w ½0,210,29205,80
7126Bischofberger Dario2108SUI4,5s ½0,230,27205,40
8127Heinechen Juan2101PAR4,0w 00,24-0,2420-4,80
9134Zenari Marco1997ITA4,0s 00,36-0,3620-7,20
10147Posocco Dennis1564ITA1,0w 10,880,12202,40
11130Lindholm Jere2064FIN3,5s ½0,280,22204,40
WCM Silva Mariana Sofia T. 1883 POR Rp:1977 Pts. 4,5
129WFMJanzelj Lara2192SLO7,0s 00,14-0,1420-2,80
249Nie Xin2106CHN6,0s 00,22-0,2220-4,40
347WIMSan Diego Marie Antoinette2116PHI5,5w 10,210,792015,80
458Srdanovic Jovana2015SRB5,0w 10,320,682013,60
543WFMKanakova Natalie2134CZE7,5s 00,19-0,1920-3,80
656WFMSalonika Saina2025IND6,0w 10,310,692013,80
741WIMParnali S Dharia2136IND6,0s 00,19-0,1920-3,80
860WFMAuvray Honorine1987FRA5,5w 00,36-0,3620-7,20
984WCMFigueroa Bernal Julia Dennis1690CHI4,0s 10,750,25205,00
1066Cramling Bellon Anna1943SWE5,0w ½0,420,08201,60
1146WFMHincu Olga2118MDA5,5s 00,21-0,2120-4,20