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Cickmagalore District Under 16 Rapid Tournament 14th to 15th October Contact for Details:- 9008138333, 08262236286

Last update 15.10.2017 13:03:39, Creator/Last Upload: vidhatri lakshmi

Starting rank

1Adithya Hardikar H V25722689IND1089
2Abhishek A RIND0
3Akshay D SIND0
4Ananya H G MurthyIND0
5Chinmay CIND0
6Chinmaya S NigaleIND0
7Chiranth C PIND0
8Darshitha G.SIND0
9Dhruva KumarIND0
10Gokul SIND0
11Haripreeth KIND0
12Hima U GowdaIND0
14Jhenkar T.YIND0
15Karthik P PIND0
16Keerthi Prasad M SIND0
17Kunal RavitejIND0
18Manvith VIND0
19Mohammed YusufIND0
20Mohith C.PIND0
21Prajeeth M.PIND0
22Priyadarshini C.PIND0
23Sahithya N.SIND0
24Sanath Kumar C RIND0
25Sanketh B.KIND0
26Sanketh SIND0
27Srujan K GowdaIND0
28Sudhanva K.MIND0
29Udaykumar D.SIND0
30Vardhan C RIND0
31Vittala Chaithanya N.MIND0
32Vivek B.RIND0
33Yathish Acharya C.PIND0
34Priyadarshini B.S*IND0