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Last update 04.10.2017 16:36:25, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1FMGarcia Alvaro4400330COL218410 1a
2FMCorradine Jorge Ricardo4401182COL215510 1a
3FMValle Efrain4401387COL21455 1a
4Soto Cristian Camilo4407008COL21391a
5CMMotta Leon Gerardo4425332COL20191a
6CMMena Yamil Octavio4422376COL201510 1a
7Obando Guzman Soren Federico4431081COL197310 1a
8Garcia Luis Alberto4465385BOG18981a
9Rodriguez Cortes Giovanni4440498BOG189010 1a
10Moreno Jaime Alberto4404378COL188310 1a
11Cano Carlos4426819COL183210 2a
12Acosta Morales Juan Carlos4442482COL176010 2a
13Gomez Diaz Hector Javier4455436COL17122a
14Acosta Jaime4431820COL165610 2a
15Cruz Beltran Andres4427335COL162110 2a
16Cano Aguilera Daniel Fernando4471580COL1615 10 2a
17Sedano Acero Juan Sebastian4466403BOG149910 2a
18Galindo SuamuxCOL010 2a
19Muñoz LuisCOL010 2a
20Saab juanCOL010 2a
21Silva JoseCOL010 2a
22Torres EdgarCOL010 2a