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Cupa "Alehin", editia a 2-a

Last update 07.10.2017 18:57:31, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank

1FMSpulber Cicirone1200569ROU2131Cs Universitatea Arad
2Kutnik Alexandru-Francisc1202430ROU2009Acs Sissa Constanta
3Panainte Daniel-Iulian1220799ROU1948Css Palatul Copiilor Constanta
4Ariton Raul-Meir1218514ROU1823Css Palatul Copiilor Constanta
5Savu Marius-Florin1230018ROU1822Acs Sissa Constanta
6Dumitrascu Daniel1253824ROU1805Acs Fianchetto Constanta
7Linca Ionel1206311ROU1798Acs Sissa Constanta
8Panainte Andreea-Bianca1225561ROU1763Csm Bucuresti
9Dragomir Sorin1251414ROU1699Acs Sissa Constanta
10Papp Ferenc-Attila1205390ROU1699Cs Sah Club Potaissa Turda
11Enache Florin1218263ROU1663Acs Sissa Constanta
12Bonciu David1239163ROU1623Css Palatul Copiilor Constanta
13Luta Claudiu-Doru1254367ROU1584Acs Sissa Constanta
14Badea Adrian1265180ROU1558Acs Fianchetto Constanta
15Baciu Valentin-Ion1267256ROU1555Acs Sissa Constanta
16IITudora Paul1269704ROU1550Acs Sissa Constanta
17Lungu Ion1230000ROU1526Acs Sissa Constanta
18Mazilu Xenia1260880ROU1519Csm Bucuresti
19Hagi Tudor1274333ROU1414Acs Sissa Constanta
20Gimurtu Stelian1219758ROU1395Acs Sissa Constanta
21Bobu Stefan-Valentin1255088ROU1183Acs Satori Art Slobozia
22Bonciu Sabina1257676ROU1092Acs Fianchetto Constanta
23FCMosoiu Claudiu-AdrianROU1001Acs Sissa Constanta
24FCPanozza Grigore-DenisROU1001Acs Sissa Constanta