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CNIJuniors FILLES 2017

Last update 07.10.2017 14:05:23, Creator/Last Upload: algerian+c1552

Starting rank

1WFMNassr Rania7901461ALG1857EST
2WFMNassr Lina7908075ALG1761EST
3WFMHamlaoui Asma7902824ALG1749ASSN
4Ait Abbas Nesrine7903979ALG1540CSB
5Messaoui Amira7905084ALG1526BCE
6Adouane Selma7910592ALG1426BARBACHA
7WCMAllal Feriel7910940ALG1373CFA
8Djerroud Chahrazed7910762ALG1327BCE
9Djemaa Hoda7905742ALG0CSB
10Hadjout Ilina7917295ALG0CSB
11Lagab Lina7912447ALG0EST
12Tani Dalia7906153ALG0CFA