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Kiryat Ono Sukkot 2017 rapid

Last update 04.10.2017 14:40:43, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank

1Vainer Boaz2821885ISR2002Petach Tikva
2Tiktin Dor2810620ISR1883Porat
3Vagman Roy2828995ISR1806Kiryat Ono
4Cohen Elad2825740ISR1799Kiryat Ono
5Tamir Roee2821532ISR1791Kiryat Ono
6Tal-Shahar Liam2825546ISR1723Kiryat Ono
7Radensky Yonatan2823209ISR1644Rishon Lezion
8Geffen Maor2833395ISR1629Kiryat Ono
9Tsadka Darel Darya2826127ISR1620Tel Aviv