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Nelson Mandela University Open Blitz 2017

Last update 03.10.2017 23:42:44, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 50)

Starting rank

1Odendaal FrederickRSA1967
2CMRoberts MarcelRSA1816
3Van De Venter WaldoRSA1804
4WIMFebruary JesseRSA1593
5Hobson LanceRSA1534
6Malgas GlenwellRSA1455
7Kgohloane LuckyRSA1270
8Acar CameronRSA1205
9Nevin TimothyRSA1112
10Tobias ShaheedRSA1029
11Nevin TylerRSA784
12Rishworth JustinRSA752
13Mabuto BriswellRSA500
14Maponya Khutso RamadiRSA500