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Чемпионат России по быстрым шахматам среди мужских команд

Last update 04.10.2017 18:43:12, Creator/Last Upload: vladimir fedorov, ia, rus

Player info

NameOzgibcev Anatoly
Starting rank57
Rating national2350
Rating international2346
Performance rating2398
FIDE rtg +/-25,6
Year of birth 1960


172Kalaychev Nodis15131,0w 1
265GMKabanov Nikolai25380,5s ½
388Maltsevskaya Aleksandra22295,0w 1
4118Utnasunov Alexander24424,0s ½
520FMKamrukov Alexey21172,0w 1
699Chekletsov Egor20384,5s 1
723Zaichikov Andrey20485,0w 1
834IMChos Alexey22903,5s ½
980IMBarskij Vladimir23873,0w ½
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