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Klupski turnir 23; ŠK Car Konstantin 06.09.2017. OŠ Dušan Radović 18:00

Last update 06.10.2017 20:31:39, Creator/Last Upload: aca krstic


Round 1
121902Vasic Blagoje1 - 0Krstic Aca Jovan16877
231829Savic Milan M1 - 0Dimitrijevic Andjela16946
341820Stankov Dejan½ - ½Vidanovic Ljubisa17865
411938Vasic Zarko0spielfrei0-1
Round 2
161694Dimitrijevic Andjela0 - 1Stankov Dejan18204
271687Krstic Aca Jovan0 - 1Savic Milan M18293
311938Vasic Zarko1 - 0Vasic Blagoje19022
451786Vidanovic Ljubisa0spielfrei0-1
Round 3
131829Savic Milan M0 - 1Vasic Zarko19381
241820Stankov Dejan1 - 0Krstic Aca Jovan16877
351786Vidanovic Ljubisa1 - 0Dimitrijevic Andjela16946
421902Vasic Blagoje0spielfrei0-1
Round 4
171687Krstic Aca Jovan½ - ½Vidanovic Ljubisa17865
211938Vasic Zarko1 - 0Stankov Dejan18204
321902Vasic Blagoje0 - 1Savic Milan M18293
461694Dimitrijevic Andjela0spielfrei0-1
Round 5
141820Stankov Dejan0 - 1Vasic Blagoje19022
251786Vidanovic Ljubisa0 - 1Vasic Zarko19381
361694Dimitrijevic Andjela1 - 0Krstic Aca Jovan16877
431829Savic Milan M0spielfrei0-1
Round 6
111938Vasic Zarko1 - 0Dimitrijevic Andjela16946
221902Vasic Blagoje0 - 1Vidanovic Ljubisa17865
331829Savic Milan M1 - 0Stankov Dejan18204
471687Krstic Aca Jovan0spielfrei0-1
Round 7
151786Vidanovic Ljubisa0 - 1Savic Milan M18293
261694Dimitrijevic Andjela1 - 0Vasic Blagoje19022
371687Krstic Aca Jovan0 - 1Vasic Zarko19381
441820Stankov Dejan0spielfrei0-1