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Last update 02.10.2017 09:57:13, Creator/Last Upload: nepal chess association

Starting rank

1KC SanjivNEP0
2Maharjan RabinNEP0
3Maharjan RupendraNEP0
4Maharjan omlalNEP0
5Maharjan premlalNEP0
6Maharjan rajkumarNEP0
7Maharjan surendraNEP0
8Maharjan umeshNEP0
9Mangranti karnabdrNEP0
10Nakarmi prameshNEP0
11Pradhan RajendraNEP0
12Shrestha BishalNEP0
13Shrestha GopaljagatNEP0
14Shrestha bibekNEP0