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КЛАССИКА ФИДЕ РШШ-20. Турнир А: Fide 1300 и выше

Last update 15.10.2017 13:32:27, Creator/Last Upload: alexander

Starting rank

1Antonov Alexandr24124079RUS2232
2Gousseinov Aguif612480FRA1921
3Lukyanenko Artemiy34164917RUS1851
4Chagina Ulyana44158785RUS1571
5Agashin Aleksandr54180414RUS1394
6Makhmudov Dzhordg44167105RUS1342
7Soblirova Sabina54163072RUS1320
8Pugach Gleb24273309RUS1310
9Stepanenko Leonid54150566RUS1273
10Seliverstov Fedor24250716RUS1267