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TammerSh ELO-turnaus B

Last update 02.10.2017 20:15:03, Creator/Last Upload: finish chess federation (licence 20)

Starting rank

1Sorvari Jarmo509671FIN2068Tammersh
2Salonen Mikko350191268FIN2065Vammsk
3Hytönen Timo510270FIN2038Mikksk
4Piho Juha509310FIN2002Hyvsk
5Särkiö Lauri511960FIN2000Lahs
6Nieminen IsmoFIN1988Cc Nokia
7Peurala Jussi509981FIN1975Psy
8Granat Simo505919FIN1960Kanksk
9Salmelin Aaro512834FIN1960Jys
10Lehtohalme Lasse506346FIN1954Hämsk
11Aalto Patrik510726FIN1945Matsk
12Reed Darren504459FIN1926Tammersh
13Wartiovaara Oliver513024FIN1908Hsk
14Niemi Jani-Petteri515221FIN1904Tammersh
15Mäntyniemi Jaakko507890FIN1893Tammersh
16Auvinen Esa501069FIN1887Loimsk