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Northumberland Minor

Last update 01.10.2017 19:59:17, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1SALISBURY Paul450243ENG135Yorks Copper Works
2CZESTOCHOWSKI Eddie459089ENG134South Shields
3STEWARDSON David430161ENG134Leam Lane
4CHARLTON Paul NENG132Forest Hall
5SELF LewisENG131Tynemouth
6AINSLEY Geoff JENG130Calderdale
7WATSON Steven L453633ENG130Hull *
8ROOK Ian RENG128Forest Hall
9FORSYTHE Robert470287ENG127Leam Lane
10NOBLE WilliamENG126Gateshead
11ASHWORTH Alex J406660ENG124Tynedale
12CHAN JoeENG124Gosforth
13COUCH MarkSCO124
14HEATHWOOD RichardSCO124Scotland
15PEARDON DaveENG124Hetton Lyons
16BAIRD JeffENG123Forest Hall
17RAMSEY Dave LENG123Morpeth
18JOHNSON AlexENG121Gateshead
19HENDERSON William Fn430331ENG116Maryport
20JARAH Edward W460826ENG115Gosforth
21XU WeimingENG113Jesmond
22JOHNSON Stanley430080ENG111South Shields
23LOWCOCK DavidENG107Hartlepool
24GUNASEKERA AsangaENG102South Shields
25NEVILLE AntonyENG102Gosforth
26POLLARD GarryENG100Morpeth
27CHEUNG RyanENG97Southampton University
28WATSON David MENG97Morpeth
29STOBBART FredENG96Hetton Lyons
30APPLEBY John RobENG93Leam Lane
31EDDERSHAW John HtENG92Ecclesall
32DANN BrianENG89Forest Hall
33MCCULLOCH AndrewSCO89Scotland
34GLASPER BrendanENG84South Shields
35COMBELLACK Peter JENG82Tynemouth
36PALUCHA SebastianENG74Durham City
37FRANKS ChrisENG112Yorkshire Congresses