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Northumberland Major

Last update 01.10.2017 19:30:55, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1ASHCROFT Graham J438090ENG165Preston
2WILSON Kevin J436194ENG164Darlington
3TURNER James430293ENG163Morpeth
4ROBSON Paul E424803ENG161Durham City
5DEAN Robert A422860ENG158Pudsey
6PATRICK David A468517ENG158Courier Halifax
7CLEGG Robert425150ENG156Huddersfield
8ORMEROD StephenENG156Darlington
9MARSH John SENG154Leam Lane
10SMITH Mike EENG153Forest Hall
11MITCHESON Robert PcENG152Morpeth
12BARBER Andrew M433918ENG151Buckley/Mold
13HORKAN StanleyENG150
14WALL John (jnr)453145ENG148Forest Hall
15HALL David G2402394SCO147Scotland
16HARTLEY Dean M431575ENG147Amber Valley
17CLINTON WilliamSCO144Scotland
18MALLARD Mark AENG142Sasra
19CLARKE John S429988ENG141Tynemouth
20PATTERSON Dave448036ENG141South Shields
21STEBBINGS Dave BENG140Gosforth
22HOWE DanielENG137Gosforth
23HARKER PeterENG136Hartlepool
24MOSSE Denise MENG135Gateshead
25TYSON TerryENG132Sasra
26ROBINSON Brian430056ENG130Bishop Auckland
27ROSS Stuart427888ENG129Newport (shropshire)
28MATTHEWS Graham W448052ENG125York
29STEPHENS Carl447811ENG124Darlington