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Northumberland Open

Last update 01.10.2017 22:54:08, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1FMHORTON Andrew P424269ENG23604ncl 3cs
2FMWALKER David J400882ENG2290Leam Lane
3FMSTOREY Charles H406686ENG2249Jesmond
4FMBURNETT Andrew2400855SCO2226Scotland
5FMWALL Tim P401641ENG2224Forest Hall
6MOREBY James E427756ENG2171Jesmond
7TAVOULARIS Nicholas4205596GRE2148Middlesbrough
8JAUNOOBY Ali Reza413291ENG2141Denton
9CMDARGAN Paul Ag416762ENG21144ncl North East England
10CHIPANGA Takaedza11000260ZIM2095
11HENDERSON David430021ENG2087Tynemouth
12WATERS Clive L407330ENG2071Tynemouth
13SYMONDS Richard H439819ENG2052Morpeth
14DALTON Joseph427713ENG2026Jesmond
15PALUCHA Szymon430005ENG2021Durham City
16MUNSHI Aditya436720ENG1996West Nottingham
17TURNER Max N447722ENG1991Berwick *
18KENDALL Paul Sn412309ENG1975Beverley
19REYNOLDS Mark A421227ENG19564ncl North East England
20RUTHERFORD William2401045SCO1946
21HUBBARD Michael430137ENG1925Tynemouth
22AFMARORA Manoj414654ENG1915Forest Hall
23HAN Yichen1054430NED1884Forest Hall
24BIELBY Paul R429864ENG1878South Shields
25RIDING Mick D430102ENG1871Tynemouth
26ZHANG Zheming430757ENG1862Jesmond
27WHITEHEAD Mark A406716ENG1847Rochdale
28NIEDBAL Piotr1158244POL1845South Shields
29SKELSEY Stuart459178ENG1840Forest Hall
30USAI MauroENG1740Durham City