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15th Bahrain Chess Academy Blitz Fide Rated

Last update 29.09.2017 16:41:40, Creator/Last Upload: bahrain chess academy

Starting rank

1IMTissir Mohamed9000240MAR2343
2CMBen Yahya Larbi9005153MAR2087
3Bu Khammas Abdulla11200359BRN1896
4Abuan Alec Vince11202645PHI1721
5Al-Burshaid Ebrahim11201126BRN1642
6Surya Jaya11202920IND1444
7Abuan Alison Dwyne11202653PHI1427
8James Thomas11202130IND1177
9Samved Shaji25714635IND1148
10Dhyan Manoj11202599IND0
11Mahika Vallabhaneni25714643IND0
12Mero Aghiad.7608420SYR0