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Memorial Pius Branzeu 2017

Last update 10.12.2017 12:10:13, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 25)

Player info

NameMacra Sergiu-Alexandru
Starting rank75
Rating national1001
Rating international0
Performance rating528
Club/CityCss Nr. 1 Timisoara
Year of birth 2004


13538IIConciatu Dan Atanasie16331633ROUCs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa4,0w 0
22352IIOnica Victor-Dominic13671367ROUCs Mediator Giarmata Vii4,0s 0
33661IIDumitrica Radu12401240ROUAcs Sah Club Vados Arad2,5s 0
43745IIBuliga Nelu14591450ROUCs Mediator Giarmata Vii3,5w 0
53974FCIonescu Virgil-Marian01001ROUMediator Giarmata Vii0,0- 1K
62879FCPopescu Gabriel-Catalin01001ROUMediator Giarmata Vii1,0- 1K
73453IIPerescu Neo13671367ROUCss Nr. 1 Timisoara3,5s 0
83563IIChiu Vlad-Stefan11951230ROUCs Mediator Giarmata Vii3,0w 0
93570IICostea Ana-Maria-Teodora10371037ROUCs Sinandrei Timis3,5s 0