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North Zone Athletic Meet 2017 Chess - HS Boys

Last update 28.09.2017 00:02:08, Creator/Last Upload: teamserrano_500

Starting rank

1Gonzales Joshua CalebPHI1773BAFI
2Aguinaldo CharlesPHI0SSBB
3Cunan Gabriel D.PHI0HHI
4Guinto Elijah GideonPHI0M.I
5Lorenzo MiguelPHI0BAFI
6Manaloto CalebPHI0SSBB
7Maninang JoshuaPHI0CVA
8Pamintuan Arhelle John M.PHI0MCESI
9Pardilla Brodemier B.PHI0HHI
10Parpan Rommel L.PHI0MCESI
11Perez JustinPHI0M.I
12Pomarca PaoloPHI0CVA