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Echecs-art valaisan open

Last update 27.09.2017 21:43:39, Creator/Last Upload: cec

Starting rank list of players

4Pellaton Fernand1312740SUI1771Sierre
1Günsberg Alex1316443SUI1770Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar
2Fayolle GĂ©rardSUI1769Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar
3Kovacic NadaSUI1531Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar
7Berker YasarSUI1405
6Blanker TomeuSUI0
8spielfrei 3SUI0
9spielfrei 4SUI0
10spielfrei 5SUI0
5Volken MarcoSUI0