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137 RCF and sport club Baltika Blitz Cup 25.10.2017.

Last update 25.10.2017 20:36:06, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank list of players

3FMTokranovs Dmitrijs11603011LAT2273Riga
6NMIndricans Olgerts11603305LAT2218Rezekne
5NMKretainis Kristaps11602163LAT2184RIga
2MKSinauridze Simons11604468LAT2018Riga
10MKJazdanovs Aleksandrs11604492LAT2003Riga
9MKGudovskis Konstantins11609753LAT1992Riga
11MKMelderis Uldis11600845LAT1929Plavinas
8NMBatakovs Olegs11600888LAT1869Riga
1MKBryker Oleksandr11604646LAT1843Riga
13MKZarovs Aleksandrs11604425LAT1832Riga
12IVisnevskis Valdis11608161LAT1671Kekava
7MKZalcmane Vija11603445LAT1581Riga
4IPomahs Ziedonis11603194LAT1578Riga