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Starting rank

1WCMNorman Dinah M402621ENG1724
2Smith Paul418218ENG1708
3Walshaw David422967ENG1690
4White Gary426180ENG1689
5Bo Martin1527290NOR1685
6Macgilchrist Siegrun2401681SCO1677
7Woodard Brian448923ENG1660IOM
8Dobson Howard448893ENG1654IOM
9Kirkwood Robin1800990WLS1642
10WCMKojima Natsumi7002181JPN1636
11Kent Paul402214ENG1633
12Armstrong Chris2510340IRL1619
13Walker Gordon J2406497SCO1611
14Blackburn Sandra G1802879WLS1585
15Egan William J437220ENG1571
16Harris John439673ENG1571
17Minor Harry403300ENG1568IOM
18Beadle John R402818ENG1558
19Bynnersley Ag (tony)427020ENG1544
20Gaspar Ioan-Dan1256688ROU1538
21Barry Steve453439ENG1535
22Ratnoo Vigyan462268ENG1525
23Jackson Paul R445584ENG1492
24De Santos Andrew448974ENG1450
25Jackson Antony449008ENG1435IOM
26Quayle Graham448990ENG1421IOM
27Robertson Alan449016ENG1357IOM
28Birkisdottir Freyja2311860ISL1332
29Apps Ian462691ENG1300
30Tournier Patrice453072ENG1188
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