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Starting rank

1Allor Chukwuka8500908NGR2091
2Gill Neville B K404012ENG2075IOM
3Hollander Hans1018299NED2018
4Salewski Bernd4655087GER1993
5Ireland David J413178ENG1972
6Sedgwick David404020ENG1972
7Gostelow David W413151ENG1961
8Nelson Omowale7400209JAM1955
9Fabri Henrik403270ENG1939IOM
10Buckley Colm2505916IRL1928
11Moller Agnar T2303469ISL1920
12Cross Glenn448907ENG1893IOM
13Nwachukwu Chino8500770NGR1893
14Mehmet Zia455431ENG1892
15Kane Robert420468ENG1890
16Burrows Nick432105ENG1888
17Murray Jim G.2501490IRL1876
18Mai Alexander Oliver2313391ISL1875
19Mumukshu Mittal35071033IND1858
20Stuhlmann Alexander12969788GER1857
21Foster Timothy423769ENG1842
22Carr Jay A30922690USA1839
23Clavero Alarcon Jose Miguel2257750ESP1824
24Nandi Robin J434604ENG1818
25Sutton Daniel423424ENG1811
26Siddharth Gopakumar5053463IND1810
27Towers Brian2808617ISR1805
28Ford Clifton P30919487USA1794
29Blackburn Jon429228ENG1792
30Gumireddy Sanjay448885ENG1790IOM
31Livesey R Nigel419168ENG1789
32Daly Patrick2503131IRL1786
33Miah Zahed448940ENG1784IOM
34Jeel Shah46620443IND1778
35Price Andrew416126ENG1768
36Mircov Nicola-Alexandar1250043ROU1767
37Hall Alan449652ENG1746
38Flanagan Samuel2501716IRL1740
39Haddock Paul419150ENG1538
40Heidarsson Arnar2312875ISL1480
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