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Torneio de Rápidas em Masculino - SIAC 2017

Last update 24.09.2017 13:54:04, Creator/Last Upload: macovi

Starting rank

1Caxita EsperançaANG0
2Agostinho CléusioANG0
3Amaro LutuimaANG0
4André MarcelianoANG0
5Delfina JoãoANG0
6Dos Santos GrimaldoANG0
7Filipe MárcioANG0
8Júnior DomingosANG0
9Ricardo JoelsonANG0
10Bruno CostaANG0
11Bunga MiltonANG0
12Nunes EpiffânioANG0
13Armando SakessaANG0
14Baltazar CarlosANG0
15Bessa MiguelANG0
16Bunga AvelinoANG0
17Leopoldo AdrianoANG0
18Taveira BrunoANG0