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Fulgerul de Sambata - Editia 2

Last update 30.09.2017 10:51:39, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 1)

Starting rank

1CMDavid Alexandru-Vasile1223453ROU2414Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
2FMHristodorescu Daniel1203100ROU2209Cs De Sah Alex Brasov
3FMVoiteanu Gabriel1208810ROU2203Cs Universitar Ploiesti
4Capata Ion812560ITA2155
5IStancu Robert-Alexandru1201425ROU2138Cs Otopeni
6IIDumitrescu Daniel1256823ROU1573Csm Bucuresti
7IIBantescu Dan1263897ROU1449Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
8IIISava Robert-Gabriel1265725ROU1159Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
9Comsa MariusROU1001