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Torneo Rapidas Trascender 1

Last update 24.09.2017 05:11:54, Creator/Last Upload: bolivian federation of chess

Starting rank

1Aguilar Humberto3300706BOL2197
2FMSaavedra Carlos3300102BOL2143
3Parraga Alejandro3300617BOL2129
4Miranda Luis3300188BOL2084
5Medrano Mario3303470BOL2074
6Accinelli Javier3302199BOL1989
7Saavedra Nilo3301257BOL1955
8Meza Crespo Dario3307506BOL1888
9Accinelli Itzel3311562BOL1368
10Valda Quelali Britany Nicole3321436BOL1227
11Aguilar FidelBOL0
12Aguilar SebastianBOL0
13Siles DayanaBOL0
14Siles Kora Brayan3321428BOL0