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Schackklubben Rockadens KM hösten 2017, M2+M3

Last update 10.12.2017 14:48:04, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schackförbund

Starting rank

1FMTuomainen Felix1720813SWE2175SK Rockaden
2Backman Michael1705377SWE2114SK Rockaden
3Todorovic Zoran915769SRB2036SK Rockaden
4Zhanybek Dadabaev13801236KGZ2018SK Rockaden
5Jovic Rado1728350SWE2013SK Rockaden
6Bast Billy1714384SWE1957SK Rockaden
7Eriksson Hans1737040SWE1877SK Rockaden
8Sandberg Philip1725505SWE1871SK Rockaden
9Kårenlöv Douglas1724754SWE1761SK Rockaden
10Ohlsson Andreas1728334SWE1752SK Rockaden
11Silins Peter1711024SWE1720SK Rockaden
12Ivarsson Daniel1740628SWE1681SK Rockaden