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Harold Chan Open 2017 Amateur Section

Last update 23.09.2017 23:54:32, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 1)

Starting rank

1WIGGAN Akeel7403526JAM1294Jamaica College
2WALSH Nayden7404026JAM1286Sts. Peter & Paul
3GRAHAM Michael7404042JAM1273Dunrobin Prep
4RAMPAIR Christian7403232JAM1236Hillel Academy
5JAIN AayushJAM1208Porter Center Of Knowledge
6WILLIAMS DamaniJAM1169Hillel Academy
7BROWN Cameron7403089JAM1163Hillel Academy
8PALMER Melieka7403410JAM1122Dunrobin Primary
9TAYLOR Spencer7404379JAM1120Hillel Academy
10BROWN Cole7403097JAM1096Hillel Academy
11SMITH-NORGAARD Malachi7403429JAM1081Bright Beginning Educational C
12REID TariqueJAM1061Jamaica College
13FAGAN Nathan7403941JAM1053Ardenne High School
14WHITE AdamJAM1044Hillel Academy
15NIXON Adlai7404271JAM1000Hillel Academy
16COMRIE Demarie7404263JAM956Ardenne High School
17BLAGROVE LEWIS Dylan7404069JAM951Emmanuel Christian Academy
18KHEMLANI LakshJAM944Hillel Academy
19TAYLOR SimonJAM932Hillel Academy
20HOO KIM ErnestJAM884Jamaica College
21WALSH NajehJAM830Sts. Peter & Paul
22MCFARLANE StephanJAM828Campion College
23LEWIS Kemarco7403593JAM760Four Campbell's Academy
24SALAZAR VictorJAM707Hillel Academy
25MCFARLANE StephenJAM619St. Andrew's Prep
26CORNWALL BeckhamJAM0Jamaica College
27HEW BrandonJAM0Calabar High 
28JONES DanielJAM0Calabar High 
29MAITLAND DawainJAM0Jamaica College
30MCCOOK RojeaJAM0Jamaica College
31RICHARDS MonealJAM0Jamaica College
32SENIOR-SMITH RomanoJAM0Jamaica College