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Elítukvöld 21.september 2017

Last update 22.09.2017 13:03:35, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Starting rank list of players

2GMGretarsson Helgi Ass2300699ISL2481
7FMJohannesson Ingvar Thor2301490ISL2377
1FMGretarsson Andri A2300249ISL2283
4FMUlfarsson Magnus Orn2300818ISL2252
8CMHalldorsson Halldor2301369ISL2231
6FMEinarsson Halldor Gretar2300150ISL2174
5FMThorsteinsson Thorsteinn2300281ISL2170
10FMPetursson Palmi Ragnar2302136ISL2122
9Halldorsson Bragi2300907ISL2101
3Thorvaldsson Jon2309181ISL2095