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5 ème open des Cavalier Fous

Last update 05.10.2017 17:56:28, Creator/Last Upload: cavaliers fous

Starting rank

1IMVernay Clovis633046FRA2503
2Ruiz José1313819SUI2109Genève Cavaliers Fous C.E.C.F.
3Kupalov Igor1310925SUI2096
4Rab Assif1330870SUI2064
5Daverio Edoardo1303821SUI2001
6Van Boltaringen Erwin1313401SUI1928
7Suljevic Elvis1333801SUI1897
8Dib Billal26013533FRA1873
9Weber François1313312SUI1792Genève Cavaliers Fous C.E.C.F.
10Nawrocki Bronislaw1312022SUI1766
11Amos Leo1306081SUI1757
12Klyucharev Alexander1337580SUI1727
13Viviani Mario1317806SUI1719
14Elkiess Grégory1330837SUI1685Genève Club
15Pecorini Jean-Marc1324535SUI1618
16Pecorini Bryan1333330SUI1426
17Garzotti Paolo245585BEL0
18Marquet ChristopheSUI0