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5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games 217_Women_Individual

Last update 24.09.2017 10:23:25, Creator: virudhunagar district chess association,Last Upload: asian chess federation

Player info

NameOmurbekova Diana
Starting rank28
Rating national0
Rating international1832
Performance rating1966
FIDE rtg +/-30,4
Year of birth 1999


199IMTania Sachdev2391IND4,0s 00,08-0,0840-3,20
21937Shahudha Mohammed1001MDV2,0w 10,920,08403,20
31321WFMHallaeva Bahar2060TKM4,0s 10,210,794031,60
488IMSukandar Irine Kharisma2397INA4,0w 00,08-0,0840-3,20
51011IMVijayalakshmi Subbaraman2358IND5,0s 00,08-0,0840-3,20
61635WCMAl Maamari Wafia Darwish1602UAE3,0w 10,790,21408,40
71115WGMTokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim2300UZB4,0s 00,08-0,0840-3,20
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