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5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games 217_Women_Individual

Last update 24.09.2017 10:23:25, Creator: virudhunagar district chess association,Last Upload: asian chess federation

Player info

NameSamaganova Alexandra
Starting rank22
Rating national0
Rating international2036
Performance rating1980
FIDE rtg +/-6,6
Year of birth 1986


133IMSaduakassova Dinara2444KAZ5,0s 00,08-0,0820-1,60
21331WCMMendis Dasuni Hansika1746SRI2,5w 10,840,16203,20
31439Faranaz Sadat0AFG1,5s 1
499IMTania Sachdev2391IND4,0w 00,11-0,1120-2,20
51335WCMAl Maamari Wafia Darwish1602UAE3,0s 10,920,08201,60
61013WGMHejazipour Mitra2345IRI4,5w 00,14-0,1420-2,80
71325WFMAlattar Ghayda M.1982JOR3,0s 10,580,42208,40
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