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52nd Dorset Chess Congress Open

Posledná aktualizácia 18.10.2017 23:35:59, Creator/Last Upload:

Štartová listina

1IMMerry Alan B418811ENG240
2FMFernandez Michael H5803560ENG216
3Horvath Gabor720003HUN210
4Tozer Philip Aa419982ENG194
5Simons Martin J407577ENG193
6FMWaddington Mike P410497ENG191
7Seymour Timothy P412112ENG185
8Duggan Michael Fg406600ENG184
9Helbig Paul D401900ENG184
10Peirson Steve B453234ENG184
11Abbott Mark V419664ENG183
12Pleasants Allan J411337WLS183
13Gregory Keith DF412279ENG180
14Littleton Mark431214ENG176
15Anderson Peter W420107ENG174
16Hutchings Roger M418080ENG174
17Forster James Connor C14309343RSA169
18Deswarte Ian407860ENG168
19Du Toit Reenen J427128ENG166
20Adaway William446130ENG164
21Clancy Martin J2403404ENG164
22Taylor Robert G1800841WLS164
23Potter Mark A453714ENG163