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Campionat Absolut Territorial de Lleida 2017 - I

Last update 26.11.2017 14:11:56, Creator/Last Upload: xavier valios blanco

Player info

NameEsparbe Grau Jaime
Starting rank36
Rating national1927
Rating international1770
Performance rating1820
FIDE rtg +/-11,8
Club/CityLLEIDA C.E.
Year of birth 1967


11618Parramon Guillaumet Jaime20811934VALLFOGONA C.E.4,5s ½
21027Granados Tello Roman20341881IVARS D'URGELL C.E.3,0w 0
31428Cosialls Baz Daniel20311809BALAFIA-ADEJO C.E.5,0w 0
41635Ribera Veganzones Josep Maria19351612GEVA-CEA C.E.2,5s 1
51321Rodriguez Moles Julian20641790BAIX SEGRE, C.E.3,0w ½
61422Cosialls Ris Ramon20511788ALMENAR C.E.3,5s ½
71224Blanch Plana Angel20391909PARDINYES, C.E.3,5w 1
81013Gutierrez Martos Ferran21462005IVARS D'URGELL C.E.5,0s 0
91138Lopez Minguella Armand18721651BALAFIA-ADEJO C.E.3,0w 1