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Campionat Absolut Territorial de Lleida 2017 - I

Last update 26.11.2017 14:11:56, Creator/Last Upload: xavier valios blanco

not paired

12Arno Bendicho, Arnau2168*
7Brunet Martinez, Josep2209*
19Cortiella Valles, Roger2080**
22Cosialls Ris, Ramon2051**
37Cots Valls, Jordi1899bye
29Degracia Burgues, Jose A.2027bye
30Ghenghiu, Alex2014****
27Granados Tello, Roman2034*
23Lara Dieguez, Federico2049*******
38Lopez Minguella, Armand1872bye
14Masague Artero, Guerau2123*
15Palau Cabases, Albert2118*
18Parramon Guillaumet, Jaime2081*
34Ponsarnau Marquilles, Jaume1954*
9Quintas Galeano, Lluis2205*
5CMRibera Baztan, Jose2260******
8Ribera Pane, Jaume2207**
35Ribera Veganzones, Josep Maria1935**bye
21Rodriguez Moles, Julian2064*