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7ο κλειστό τουρνουά ΣΟΠ νόρμας ΥΜ

Last update 31.10.2017 21:44:58, Creator/Last Upload: ia ulysses vazelakis

Starting rank list of players

2Rigopoulos-Tsigkos Alexandros4215109GRE2116
6Kostouros Alexandros4206100GRE2113
4Alexakis Dimitris4277023GRE2067
3Giordos Vasilios4214706GRE2041
1Kostopoulos Vasilios4246420GRE2037
5Tsagkaropoulos Spyridon4231813GRE2022
7Kalofonos Panayotis4233824GRE1982
8Petougias Georgios25809407GRE1821